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  1. 15 days negative review
  2. The IRS Gets An A** Kicking
  3. Someone Used My Social Security Number to File Taxes – What Should I Do?
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I have never worked a day in the USA and I can leave at a moments notice. This is robbery and intimidation..


15 days negative review

What's next, your wedding ring? Its hard enough to have to account for every possible manifestation of a ' financial asset' let alone gold coins. Some CPA actually tried to scare me with the example of declaring gold coins and I found another CPA In the case of stocks, for some countries it is just not possible to know which day had the highest value In that case I've used the year end value and its been accepted by the IRS Blackseal, I empathize with you- I don't think the IRS has a good case based on the limited info you have provided.

I also made the mistake of requesting statements etc. I guess we wont know till its tried Jack, that WAS a funny post, I did'nt realize you do have a keen sense of humor. There are very few law firms specializing in legal malpractice and prosecuting cases against accountants and lawyers and until recently, I have never heard of any involving accounting malpractice.

Sure, some law firms will accept the occasional case against a CPA but it is usually ancillary to their main practice. I can tell you to mid were horrific years for the average Minnow. Credibility must be earned. Most US tax lawyers have not earned credibility in this context. You may also not be protected from criminal charges. To be removed you basically have to be very non-cooperative, fail to respond to requests for information or documents, or refuse to sign the , after it is finalized.

You can also get kicked out if they determine you have provided false information. If your agent has started removal and you have not done any of the above, they are using intimidation.. I suggest you file a letter of complaint to the agent and request that they forward this letter to their manager. Researcher, it is based on empirical data. Many of my clients do not know about the global income and asset rules of the IRS. You are free to reject as you see fit. However, I only state this from personal experience, and offer it, thus, not as a truth, but, as a possible, probable supposition, for many lay readers of this blog.

Wow Jack Just back from backpacking, and catching up on my reading.

The IRS Gets An A** Kicking

Well said! Just plain DUMB and disgusting! That is the mentality we are dealing with, I fear. Individually, here and there, there is reason as demonstrated by Jennifer Best, but even when it comes from the top, how the it gets translated or 'not heard' in the "belly of the beast" is an entirely different matter. Eventually sanity prevailed in my case, but not before I opted out, mentioning that I hoped that a fair and reasonable resolution could be reached "without resorting to appeals or court".

While I was glad that the IRS saw the light and stopped persecuting me at that point, I still would like to see the IRS get "whupped" in court by one of us minnows. And I'd like to see the true sums. How much money have they managed to extort from minnows minus how much they spent on dealing with the minnows. I doubt it will be positive in the end, even though the extorted sums are outrageously unfair. Another frustrated Tax professional I am one of them, but there are some others voicing similar frustration. Unfortunately, I was recently advised by the Hotline that the New Streamlined Program is not available in the situations set out below; and I was further advised that the IRS had indeed considered these questions at length at an earlier time.

Perhaps readers of my blog can enlighten me? Please make sure that your comment is relevant to the blog entry. For those regular commenters on the blog who otherwise do not want to identify by name, readers would find it helpful if you would choose a unique anonymous indentifier other than just Anonymous. This will help readers identify other comments from a trusted source, so to speak.

I called the next morning, was told that someone will contact me- be assigned to my case within 7 business days and if not, I should call them back. My case has not been rosolved — this has been a REAL nightmare. I hope that I can get some help really soon. ID Theft is a serious issue and it is not being dealt with seriously at all. These crooks are getting over and not getting caught or punished. Something needs to be done ASAP!!!! How long did it take to get your refund after someone used your ssn and was u Abel to check ur status on where is my refund.

I filled my taxes this year and I am taking a longer than average time to get my funds so after weeks of the IRS telling my tax preparer that my check is still processing that yesterday she was able to speak to a supervisor for me and that is when she was told that my check is taking so long because in i was a victim of identity theft. I got audited by the state but never received my federal check.

This does not seem right to me. I spoke to aomeone from the irs and asked her aboutr my refund for this year and I said well since I have u on the line let me ask about my taxes i filled and i never received that check she looked she took my info again looked some stuff up and said u never filled a return in for I said how is that possible when I have all the paper work till this day i need so much help on this situation the first thing is who do I call.

I cnt even get a person to talk too is there a number I can call. Its been months and I have not heard anything. There is certainly a lot to know about this issue. FYI- This happened to me this year, went to file joint return, then found out mine were already filed. Fast fix was to take my name off the return, and then file an amended return after filling out the fraud paperwork form AT the local IRS office, then printing it out amended return and sending via snail mail. I sent in the amended return about April 7th. We received a letter from the IRS about a month later with a sent date 10 days from the date I received it…weird..

We received it the very next day. I am not sure if this would be the case for everyone, but we were told it could be up to days, and it was a LOT faster than we expected. The agent we spoke to said that the IRS was trying to speed up the process for ID victims; it appears that they did. Again, not sure if this would be the same for everyone, but I sure hope it is…. What do you mean by you took your name off of the return? Why did you complete an amended refund…. Does it work out better to actually go to the local IRS office even after you already mailed your return and fraud docs to the irs?

Yours had to be the best turn around story so just so curious since I am dealing with this. IRS has had our identity theft affidavit for over days we finally called and they said it has just been sitting there with nothing being done to it! They were referring it to another department! We have no idea what department and are getting frustrated. Please whatever you do call and check on the status because if we would not have it is hard to tell what would happen! Someone used my husbands SSN to try to get a return but it was caught before the refund was given out. Will it still be longer than 8 weeks for us to get our refund??

The time frame depends on a few factors. If the return was never even submitted to the IRS and the tax preparer caught the fraud, then it should not take longer than normal to process and receive a refund. If the IRS caught the return, then it will depend on their protocol for handling this type of situation.

You may want to contact your local IRS office for more information on where they were in the return process when this was found out and stopped. You can find the contact information on the IRS website. My husband and I filed early this yr as we always do and we have filed exactly the same information for 6 years and then I tried to order my transcripts from last year and it popped up I had to call the Individualized Special Protection Unit and could not get my transcripts online.

Well I called the IRS and I guess since I could not verify my address they put an identity theft indicator on my account. We filed with the same job.. Same kids.. Same bank account.. I do not understand at all. Unfortunately, any dealings with the IRS tend to be a bit time consuming. On the bright side, once this is investigated, the IRS will be able to provide you with paperwork so that you will not be required to pay any late fees or anything of that nature.

Someone claimed my daughter. Tell me how do report it someone please help me. They should be in trouble. You can call to reach someone specifically designated to help you out. Once you have spoken to someone there, they will most likely tell you to submit Form along with several forms of identification. Keep in mind that although a bit more time-consuming, the IRS is familiar with these issues and will do everything in their power to help solve your case.

I have a question.

Someone Used My Social Security Number to File Taxes – What Should I Do?

My feiance and her 2 kids have been living with me for 3 years i went to efile my taxes and got rejected saying the ssn have already been used. Unfortunately, the IRS has too much experience handling cases like this. What I suggest doing is paper-filing your return by mailing it to the IRS if you have already prepared it online, you can still use that one by just printing it out instead of submitting it to be e-filed again. The IRS will reach out to you requesting proof that you are the one who should be claiming the dependents.

At that point, you will submit any documents such as court orders, birth certificates, medical bills, etc. Although this is a bit more time consuming than simply e-filing your return, this is the system that the IRS has in place. I was going to file today but received a notice from IRS that someone had used my wife SS and filed a return. Your best bet would be to file your return as soon as possible. Since you are not expecting a refund, you want to avoid any failure to file fees or failure to pay penalty fees that the IRS can hold against you.

If you fill out the fraud paperwork form and send in all documents needed, do you have to complete an amended form for a speedy process? According to the IRS, you should complete and submit form and then move on to filing your return. Im also a victim of identity theft. In early February I filed my return. Both CA and Federal accepted my return and that I should receive my refund within 21 days. A month later I found out someone used my ssn for employment in 3 different states. I submitted all documents irs asked for.

I am lost here. I requested for a tax advocate, but nothing. I also contacted the lowincome tax clinic for assistance, but they said to wait a month, if no change then contact them again.. Its the damn. The best thing to do in this situation is to follow all steps that the IRS instructs you to take. Once you have done this, you will need to wait it out. This can be frustrating but the IRS has a process for handling cases specifically like these. I apply for mortgage loan and submit the T with the loan application.

We cannot process your Form T information request. When I called, my account is security lock and IRS cannot any longer provide Tax Transcript other than myself directly. This can be issue with my loan approval process. What can I do? This is an interesting situation. You seem to have a few options. You may first want to call the IPSU back and inquire more about what you will need to do.

It is definitely in your best interest to get a live representative on the phone to help you. How about this? I was a victim of identity theft for tax year I am once again, a victim for the year!!!! How common is this occurrence? It IS rare but, unfortunately, not impossible. How did the process work out for you when it happened in ? Hi jen how did either one of these turn out i am currently going thru this now and it has been hell I re did the id verify with the identity Protection specialized unit and now they said 12 weeks is the time frame if everything is cleared up I just want to know how accurate are their number that they throw out to people.

Why are we given a pin by IRS? What is the purpose? My pin given by IRS was even changed online by I assume the perps. I did not even have an income in I filed joint with my spouse. How is this even possible??? As a convenience to taxpayers, the PIN created can be updated in case you misplace or forget it. The IRS suggests being extra careful using your personal information online with many different websites. Your personal information can be compromised by simply being slightly carefree with your personal date even only once.

Well here we go. All of these post do not get my hopes up…. To provide a bit of reassurance, you may need to wait out the process patiently. In the end, after following the instructions that the IRS gives you, you should be able to pull through and claim your refund! Hi, i was a victim of identity theft back in and the IRS said i was red flagged and would have to file a paper return for the next two years and could not e file. Well i get s. Is it 2 consecutive years for the red flag or just the next two times you file that you cant e file?

I suggest taking a look at the letter mailed to you by the IRS as they are typically specific with their instructions. If they do not specify on the letter, then I suggest contacting the phone number listed. Paper filing allows the IRS to keep an extra eye out for your tax return considering your situation. If you are in doubt at all, I would advise that you paper file your return. We are sorry to hear about your situation. We advise that you review your social security information, name, and those of your dependents and spouse to ensure everything is accurate.

If the information is correct and someone has fraudulently used your social security number to file a tax return, please call the IRS Identity Protection Specialized Unit at for assistance. They will provide you with further instructions. I never applied for any IRS protection because I didnt know that my information was being used. Does anyone know what I need to do to get to the bottom of this? The issue is something not enough people are speaking intelligently about. I am very happy that I stumbled across this in my search for something concerning this.

I filed my return on I later found out that the irs was requestibg these returns because someone else worked with my ss but failed to file taxes for those years. I cant even oog into wheres my refund app anymore. Im seemibgly frustrated. Can soneone pkiss help. Twice ive been told that an advocate would call me in 7 business days, well its been months and nothing.

Pliss help. Unfortunately only the IRS will be able to assist you in addressing this matter. Given the regular tax season is over, they might be less busy and be able to assist you more fluidly. Try the specific IRS Identity theft hotline: It would be best to continue to correspond with the IRS, they will be the only ones that will be able to further assist and inform you on the status of your returns. Their contact number is In your case, you may contact the IRS at to speak to a live representative to further instruct you on how to proceed and get an updated refund status.

Please contact the Identity Protection Specialized Unit at so they can assist you with your case. They will notify you the actions you will need to take in order to address your situation. Glad I came across this website. I can understand the backlog of waiting for the IRS to finally get to a persons case. What pisses me off is, whoever the person is that filed a tax return on me will get away with it.

They used my name, social, , different address, etc. Give me the name of the bank they used? I want to know who the thief, scammer is so I can move forward and call the cops. These criminals get away with everything. In cases of Identity theft, I have the right to know who the person is that felt they would get away with such an act.

Also, from different sites and comments from people, was a bad year. Maybe its a coincidence, but a lot of people stated in those 2 years, taxes were filed in their names which ended up in Identity theft. I will find out who this person is. Name required. Email will not be published required. Client Login Create an Account. Blog Home.

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Victim of identity theft? Don’t let panic get the best of you.

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February 21, at pm. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Sep 16, Michael rated it really liked it. This is a fairly short read but very entertaining. While it took the author more than a decade to make it right, I am certain it felt good to be vindicated by the court. I imagine most people will enjoy this one and also wonder just who is really in charge or accountable with our government. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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