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I can live like this anymore, wherein I have to reign my understanding in and keep quiet I am not concerned about myself, but for my family. Someone tell me how I can act on my knowledge so that I may avoid such an outcome. Don't put yourself or your family in unnecessary danger. Your duty is to make sure no one is injured.

Also it's very difficult to force ones opinions on anyone. If there is anything you think is valuable information, what you could do silently and privately not to damage your safety is to make sure as much information is available for them to see or read somehow. Can you print and leave small booklets anonymously all over the place? To Anonymous above- I feel for you.. The Arab Spring has turned into a nightmare! Thanks for posting this video:.

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I guess you all missed verse It's clear that Islam came to banish the practices of "jaheliyah". But I wouldn't expect to read this on another Islmaphobic blog, how novel. Have you ever thought of doing it? Hi Pip, the script is right there, on this same page. Muhammed deserves more credit. How many other Arabian bandits had the initiative to recruit a small army of converts eager to serve a god who likes only them and wants them to murder, rob, rape, kidnap and enslave anyone and everyone who is not one of them, as long as they turn over twenty percent of the gross to the boss?

That the small army has swollen to one-and-one-half billion validates the brilliance of the original business model. I'm not on Facebook, but you're more than welcome doing it yourself. Note : Comments that are too lengthy or otherwise annoying stand a chance of being deleted.

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The Prophetess of Islam. Email This BlogThis! Anonymous January 8, at AM.

Anonymous January 9, at PM. For European Christians, the Virgin Mary was a powerful and commanding figure.

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She took up arms to defend the faithful and punish the wicked, and she skillfully debated the Devil himself. She was far more than the serenely smiling icon of maternal devotion that we see all around us this season. Exploring the place of the Virgin Mary in medieval Islamic culture can similarly challenge our stereotypes of Muslim women, both medieval and contemporary.

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It also challenges a nasty stereotype that paints Islam as an inherently misogynistic religion. For Muslims, Mary is special from the moment of her conception. Her story begins with her mother Anna. One day Anna, barren and past the age of childbearing, sits under a tree and watches a mother bird with her chicks. As she does so, she is overcome by longing for a child.

She and her husband Amran or Imran pray for one; God grants their wish. She names the baby girl Mary and, once the child is weaned, Anna makes good on her promise and delivers her to the temple.

After Mary reaches the age of puberty, God sends the Angel Gabriel to her in the form of a handsome young man. Gabriel tells Mary,. This makes the conception of Jesus miraculous, but in contrast to the Christian version, it does not entail that He is the Son of God. The birth of Jesus is also markedly different; the Islamic account has none of the accoutrements of a traditional Christian nativity scene.

Sura She goes into labor alone, at the foot of a palm tree, and cries out in anguish to God:. A voice from the palm tree tells her that God has sent her sustenance in the form of water under the place where she sits, and fresh dates in the palm tree despite it not being the season for dates. She gives birth to Jesus Isa and returns with him to her people.

They are shocked and horrified to see her with a newborn, believing she is guilty of illicit sex. But Mary points to the baby Jesus, who announces:.


Behold, I am a servant of God. He has vouchsafed unto me revelation and made me a prophet… Hence, peace was upon me on the day when I was born, and [will be upon me] on the day of my death, and on the day when I shall be raised to life [again]. Sura , If you are a Christian, or are familiar with Christianity, some details of the Islamic version of the life of the Virgin Mary might seem exotic.

Take, for example, the miraculous appearance of out-of-season fruit in the locked mihrab and the birth of Jesus under a palm tree. But in its essential outlines, the story is very similar. However, these similarities can be misleading. Some aspects of the story of the Virgin Mary have very different meaning and significance for Muslims. Muslims and Christians, at least dogmatically, agree that Mary was a virgin when she conceived and bore Jesus. This is because medieval Christians elevated virginity to a spiritually superior state.

To many medieval Christian theologians, sex, even within the context of marriage , was considered to be always somewhat sinful.

Prophet - Wikipedia

For example, the great Church Father Augustine linked sex to original sin original sin, by the way, is not a concept found in Islam. Thus, it was critical to Christians that Mary remained virginally pure her entire life. By contrast, for Muslims, whether Mary was a virgin or not after the birth of Jesus is irrelevant. Certainly, in both Christianity and Islam, virginity, especially in women, was equated with physical and spiritual purity.

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