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  1. What's Inside This Course!
  3. Abiding in Christian Christian Meditation Course for Beginners
  4. An Introduction to Christian Meditation – A Six Week Course

Each lesson has a time for meditation so that the course is experiential and not just theoretical.

What's Inside This Course!

The text introduces you to the topic with supplementary audio or video material. Going Further gives you practical suggestions to help your practice and self-awareness exercises for the week ahead. There is also some recommended reading. There is also opportunity to contact the Course Tutor who can guide you at any point. The objective of the course is to introduce you to Christian Meditation as taught by John Main OSB and to help you establish it as a daily practice.

This is the beginning of a journey — which we hope you will enjoy! Register Login. Course This course teaches you how to meditate and helps you to establish it as a regular practice. Intro Course. This point of energy is in you, even if you do not yet see that light. It is a point of inspiration in your body. Lift your prayers to that point. There is a timeless and powerful principle in the reverence for the holy name. The Desert Fathers in the 4 th century used segments of the psalms repetitively in order to focus the mind spiritually.

The first written record of the Jesus Prayer is in the 5 th century in Greece. In the western tradition, there is a practice of repeating the name of Jesus, in order to practice the presence of God. A quick Internet search brought up this devotional gem from the Catholic Catechism on praying unceasingly :.

Love is the source of prayer; whoever draws from it reaches the summit of prayer. I love you, O my infinitely lovable God, and I would rather die loving you, than live without loving you. I love you, Lord, and the only grace I ask is to love you eternally…. My God, if my tongue cannot say in every moment that I love you, I want my heart to repeat it to you as often as I draw breath. Paramhansa Yogananda saw Jesus Christ in vision many times, and he said that the paintings by Heinrich Hoffman looked the most like the real-life Jesus of any art availble at the time.


Words are sounds occasioned by the vibrations of thoughts. Thoughts are vibrations sent forth by the Ego or Soul. Every word that leaves your mouth ought to be potent with your genuine soul vibration. Words in most people are lifeless because they are automatically put forth into the ether, without being impregnated with soul force. Too much talking, exaggeration or falsehood used in connection with words is just like shooting bullets out of a toy gun, without the gun-powder.

That is why the prayers or words of such people do not produce any desired definite change in the order of things. Every word you utter you must mean it, i. One of the best ways to relax the body is to tense it first.

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Begin your meditation experience by practicing the following two relaxation techniques. The first exercise relaxes your body, and the second calms your mind. As the breath becomes calmer, so does the mind, and vice versa. Relax your mind before meditation, by doing this simple breathing exercise:. You may either lengthen or shorten the number of counts according to what is comfortable, but keep the inhalation, retention, and exhalation equal.

Meditation: As the breath becomes calmer and more refined during meditation, there is a joyous feeling of peace and exaltation. Practice the following meditation technique to help calm your breath, your mind, and your whole being.

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  • Christian Meditation: Experiencing the Presence of God.
  • Although simple to practice, this is one of the central and most important techniques of meditation. Watching the breath is extremely powerful because it works scientifically to calm our breath, mind, and life force.

    Abiding in Christian Christian Meditation Course for Beginners

    By concentrating intently on the breath and becoming a simple observer of the breathing process, you quickly calm the breath, redirect the flow of energy to the spiritual eye or Christ center , and concentrate the mind. Begin by exhaling completely. As the next breath flows in, mentally watch it as if you were observing the flow of a tide.

    Be very aware of the breath, but make no attempt to control it in any way. Simply observe its natural flow.

    Abide Guided Bible Meditation for Sleep: Divine Affirmations to LET GO, Find Peace & TRUST GOD

    Try to feel the breath as it passes in and out of the nostrils. If you are unable to feel the breath in the nostrils, focus for a short time on the breathing process itself, the movement of the chest and lungs, and then transfer your awareness back to the breath in the nostrils.

    It is also helpful to move the index finger of the right hand slightly toward the palm on the inhalation and slightly away on the exhalation. A cycle of increasing interiorization is set into motion through this technique. As the breath and the flow of life-force begins to calm down, the mind is naturally able to concentrate more deeply. Deeper concentration brings about an even greater calming of the breath, allowing yet deeper focusing of the mind, and so on.

    The final stage of this cycle is the complete withdrawal of life current from the body and senses and the total concentration of the mind. At first this may be a somewhat odd, and even frightening experience, but it is the doorway to the deepest states of meditation. How long should you practice this meditation? Be guided by your own feeling of enjoyment and your ability to maintain your concentration.

    An Introduction to Christian Meditation – A Six Week Course

    Be sure to allow time for silent communion and devotion after your practice of the Jesus Prayer Meditation technique. Science has shown us a universe, however, too vast to have been created by any man-like Father figure. Whatever, or Whoever, brought everything into existence created also human beings with human feelings, and with individual appreciation for parental love, filial love, romantic and friendly love.

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    If that Infinite One is omniscient, then He certainly knows our innermost feelings, no matter how often science with its dry, factual outlook on reality scoffs at the idea of a Being infinitely superior to the scientists themselves, far beyond their intellectual games, lambent with tenderest feelings of love for us all, unceasingly forgiving, and awaiting only our love in return to bring us back to Himself. It is a spiritual treasure to cherish deep in the heart, and to pass on to children for generations.