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He did not fall into a restful slumber and then slip into a coma to be transported peacefully to the great beyond. It was a horrible experience, for him and for us.

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His skin became paper thin that even a slight rub against his sheet caused it to tear and bleed. His whole body itched, and because his skin was nearly transparent, the mere act of scratching caused bruising. His feet and legs swelled. He could not control his bowels. He barely ate or drank.

He lost the ability to swallow. His lungs filled with fluid. He became disoriented, belligerent. He became skin and bones. Hospice was no help. They sent a nurse once a week. A doctor came one time for thirty minutes during the 25 days. They advised keeping him constantly medicated with morphine. They wanted to take his blood to see if he was anemic to give him a blood transfusion.

Beverly patiently told them, no, thank you. Three days before dad passed, he fell and Beverly could not lift him off the floor.

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It was two in the morning. She called Hospice and asked for help. Well , she reasoned with the nurse on the other end, we are in crisis and need help. It even says that in your brochure. Everyone thinks that. Besides, this is your crisis, not his. Not knowing what else to do, Beverly called One hour later, three EMTs put Pops back in bed. I saw dad a few hours later.

His body was bruised and twisted, each breath raspy and difficult. His mouth was wide open as if in a frozen scream.

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If dad had known it would be like this, Beverly and I agreed, staying on dialysis might have been a better choice. At a minimum, if he had known what he would actually experience and how unhelpful Hospice would be, he would have been able to make a more informed decision about ending his life.

Knowing Hospice was no help other than supplying medicine and medical supplies and sending over a marvelous Pastor who befriended dad and our family, Beverly hired a private nurse. Jeannette came at 5pm, sat with Pops, prayed with him and Beverly, sang to him, bathed him. She made Beverly get some much needed and deserved rest. In the morning, staying later then when she was supposed to, she positioned him in bed on his side with a pillow between his legs. Exactly how he liked to sleep. Jeannette told Beverly to stop giving him any morphine, which she did.

Dad was no longer belligerent. Make sure you bill me for this overtime. Four hours after Jeannette finally left, Dad died. Beverly told me to come right over. White pillows surrounded dad, a white blanket lay gently over him. He was dressed in white. He was clean.

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There were no lines on his face. His mouth was relaxed. Finally, he was at peace. With hindsight, we would have done many things differently. Dad would have wanted things done differently too. We would have considered a death unlike the fairy tale one the doctors and others described. We would not have called Hospice as we could have gotten his meds elsewhere. We would not have given him morphine, as it became clear that was the source of his agitation. We would have hired a private nurse much sooner. In the end, dad did ride off into the sunset on a puff of clouds. Purchase Amazon.

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    Terms Of Use. When Joanne Lewis is not practicing law, she is writing. She pens murder mysteries, historical fiction and historical fantasy books and is the author of several award-winning novels. As an author, she hopes to entertain, to educate, and perhaps to enlighten. As an attorney, she is most proud of her work as an assistant state attorney and as a guardian ad litem representing the best interests of children. Just like the people who inhabited Five Points in lower Manhattan during the s and the turn of the century, Bee King traverses the pentagonal streets where abolitionists battled copperheads, immigrants clashed among social, religious and political strife, and doctors and psychologists strained to help patients.

    Told in Five Points sections , Bee King is dramatized through conventional literary devices as well as through newspaper articles, a manifesto, and other non-traditional tools. Forbidden Room is her best-selling novel.

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    In Forbidden Room , the first book in the Forbidden trilogy, new attorney Michael Tucker has few clients, yearns to be like his famous grandmother and cannot afford to move out of his parents' home. Sara Goldstein is an heiress accused of killing her uncle.

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    When Sara hires Michael, he gets the chance to defend an innocent person, a beautiful lover and notoriety like his grandmother. But is it more than he asked for? Fast forwarding to , that summer Sherry and a friend traveled to New Jersey to meet Jamie. This time around she knew more than a friendship blossomed and eventually she relocated from CA to NJ in On Christmas Eve , Jamie proposed to Sherry.

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    By mid December , they were married happily ever after. However, I know one thing for sure… without Imerman Angels, there is no way two people living on opposite coasts would have ever met! Although we are not a dating match making service, sometimes magic happens. See below a picture of connection perfection at its finest! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Facebook Facebook.

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