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  1. 2) Be gentle and kind
  2. 12 Ways to Jumpstart Your Life
  3. Berlin New Hire - Kickstart Your Life in Germany!

This exercise requires energy.

2) Be gentle and kind

Here today just take these 5mins to work on yourself. Get specific here. What would it look like for you? How would you be showing up differently? What would you be saying yes to? What would you be saying no to? We are our own guru teacher. They will guide and help you to seek the answers from within. Are you ready for deep transformation in your life?

12 Ways to Jumpstart Your Life

Can you relate to the above? Are you in the midst of a life awakening? Share with me in the comments below. Is this all there is?

The Four M’s of Motivation

What am I here to do and offer to the world? Is this the right relationship? Please share the news about Kickstart the Year with others by clicking here to tweet. What do you want to accomplish in ? Share your goals below in the comments. Stick with one planner instead of three.

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Tweet At the end of the day, what it all comes down to is curiosity. Using myself as an example, when I was in a very low place, I developed a curiosity around running. How far could I push myself? What would it be like to be in great shape?

Berlin New Hire - Kickstart Your Life in Germany!

Running was an escapism for me, but it kept me distracted from my inner demons in such a good way I was able to use them to my advantage. My determination drove me to complete multiple extreme endurance challenges.

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As I keep pushing myself and pursuing adventures in endurance, the curiosity is still there for me. Especially at school, I hated the sport. Once I finished my first marathon, I automatically wanted to know how far I could push my body. This was a great goal, scary enough to make me grow. But once I realized I enjoyed running and was able to push through the adversarial moments and mental mind games throughout training and events, I developed a passion.

Have a listen to the Management 3. What actually motivates a person to take on a new goal? To really reduce the friction with decision making, we must act on each task without procrastinating and putting it off to the side. That is, via chunking and applying short deadlines with rewards. Then all curiosity is gone, all because you were too focused on that YouTube channel showing cute cat videos.

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It can be a little stressful, but according to the cognitive bias stress-influence, a little stress is healthy, while too much will make you become dysfunctional. So, set tight deadlines that are realistic yet maintain your high standards for quality. To make sure you adhere to these deadlines, reward yourself even if it means checking your phone for a minute or two or grabbing a quick coffee.

You can set a timer on your phone that segments your task into thirty-minute intervals: try twenty-five minutes of working on the task followed by five minutes of leisure. Maybe you chose the task so you could feel more in control of your life.