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Read a free excerpt. Chemistry and Organic Chemistry were some of the more interesting classes I took in college. What makes up the things we use every day?


How do they work? CheMystery is a fantastic look at some basic chemistry principles, but told from the perspective of two kids learning about them. The author and illustrator skillfully and artfully integrate an interesting story line, humor, vivid graphics, appropriate amount of print on each page, and scientific knowledge about chemistry written in a comprehensible way.

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Students, including those struggling with reading comprehension, will be motivated to learn about chemistry in this graphic novel. Pages Liked by This Page. Philippine Association of Chemistry Students, Inc.

Chemystery - John Emsley

Recent Post by Page. Ateneo Chemistry Society. After months of preparation, Build-A-Lab is finally up and running!

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The donated materials will help the Science teachers of ERHS to improve the situation of the Science laboratory in their school. We would like to thank Ernesto Rondon High School for accommodating and coordinating with us.

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We are hopeful that this is just the beginning of a good relationship between us. We would also like to extend our deepest gratitude to the following bodies for making this effort possible: the ADMU Chem , Council of Organizations of the Ateneo , Mr.

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Your generosity helped us make a bigger impact on our partner school. We hope for your continued support as we continue to make a difference, one lab at a time.

BAL donates laboratory materials and teaching aids to help teachers in demonstrating real-life science and encourage students to take up STEM track. See More.